About Us

Sushi Connections is the vision and creation of Ken Tran, his brother Johnny, their families and friends. Ken and three of his brothers have been involved in the food and restaurant business for many years. Ken served as Executive Chef at a well-known, highly regarded teppan-yaki restaurant chain in Honolulu before moving to Washington. He and his brothers first opened the Ginger Palace restaurant in SeaTac, serving Pan-Asian cuisine and the Basil Café in Langley Whidbey Island, serving traditional Vietnamese fare. The food and services at both of these restaurants are excellent!

All of the Tran brothers share a love of great food, both in eating it and making it. They also share an indefatigable spirit that keeps them ever optimistic and a zest for life - to be enjoyed, laughed, and appreciated to the fullest, each minute of every day. This same spirit and zest for living, is found in every part of Sushi Connections, from the food, to the staff and the décor. You will be touched by their commitment to creating a great a unique and enjoyable dining experience just for you.