Irashai Masei "E Ra Shy Mase"

"Welcome and please come in" to Sushi Connections where you can experience the newest innovation in Japanese dinning. Unlike the menus at traditional fast food eateries. Sushi Connections choices are fresh, expansive, delicious, and good for you. Like traditional fast food restaurants, the service is fast and prices are economical. If you're looking for a great inexpensive meal, that is fast, fresh, healthy and delicious, let us hook you up at Sushi Connections. Can you say "Oishi desu"?

Why Sushi Connections

- Delicious sushi and other menu items.
- Fresh, appetizing, and expansive menu selections.
- Fast, efficient service through the latest in innovative dinning.
- Economical. A range of culinary dishes from $1.00 to $3.50.
- Highest standard of food preparation and cleanliness.
- Largest selection of imported Sake North of Seattle.
- It's FUN!